Catalyse Change also serves marketplace organisations by offering leadership insight, strategic tools and planning processes; enabling them to become more focussed and fruitful in their areas of work. Many organisations have identified that leaders are the primary mechanism for developing culture, direction, strategy and performance. Catalyse Change creates opportunities to come alongside organisations and take them through a strategic leadership process that equips them to understand where they are, where they want to go and how they can move in that direction. In order to achieve this, Catalyse Change provides organisations with a tailored experience that empowers them to use the 3 lenses below.

3 Lenses

What is?

Using effective observation, reflection and analysis tools, we help leaders and teams take a close up look and identify their current reality. We create environments for honest assessment and objective discussions that lead to reliable understanding of the present context.

What could be?

Through input, exercises, reflection and discussion, we empower leaders to dream together what the future picture of the organisation could look like. We enable them to strengthen their core vision and values, clarifying the culture they want to establish and the breakthrough they want to see.

What will be?

We walk with teams through strategic planning processes that enable them to define and decide together what the key priorities will be. We introduce rigour and accountability frameworks that will help teams identify how they will take next steps towards their goals, what obstacles they will need to overcome. Teams are able to take responsibility for their future direction of travel and see it become reality.

Tailored Process

We recognise that each leader, team and organisation is unique and as such, we believe in creating tailored training and coaching processes for each context we work in.

Some of the areas we have assisted teams and organisations include:

  • Developing clarity of vision
  • Bringing strategic alignment around organisational aims and objectives
  • Establishing organisational culture
  • Team Development
  • Creating organisational vocabulary
  • Managing Change
  • Multiplying leadership capacity

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