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Leaders, teams and communities catalysing change

http://cameracivileimperia.it/index.php/2019/08/04/elo3fo4m We believe that leadership is a lifestyle that’s lived, not a position that’s given.

see url Catalyse Change has evolved from many years of helping individuals and teams to become leaders who transform their sphere of influence and multiply their impact beyond themselves.

Using a number of coaching tools and processes, all in the context of relationship, we have apprenticed,  trained and empowered thousands of individuals, families, churches, denominations and organizations to live fruitful Kingdom lives that change the world for good.

http://no1aprokoblog.com.ng/2019/08/03/d7aauts3dbu We have worked with a variety of people in numerous contexts and countries. From missionaries around the dinner table to CEOs around the conference table. From Workshops in Edinburgh to Learning Communities in Melbourne.  From church planters in Amsterdam to small group leaders in Nairobi. From coaching calls across the globe to conversations over coffee.


Catalyse Change helps leaders effectively answer the question "Who am I called to be?" and with this clarity move towards their vision, finding their place of greatest investment and influence

go Founded by Rich and Anna Robinson, Catalyse Change helps leaders identify their vision and values, and create a lifestyle and culture that reflects their calling, bringing lasting and movemental change in their sphere of influence.

enter Get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more – we’d love to hear from you.

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